My experience in personal coaching and my psychology educationme enable me to offer you photo-therapyor therapy by image sessions.


  1. Your self-image is very important for your personal balance and development.
  2. To let yourself be photographed can contribute to the lifting of inhibitions and barriers.
  3. It is also a step towards more openness and self-assurance.

First, we have a cup of coffer to get acquainted. If you wish, you tell me about your situation – if not, we just talk photography. I show you samples of my sessions, and we discusse your preferences and wishes.

The sessions take place in my studio, in a very relaxed way. You don’t really have to “pose”, I simply picture you while you are doing day-to-day gestures like reading, getting dressed, brushing your hair … You choose the garments you like from my wardrobe; if you don’t feel ready for nudes, no problem.  A session takes two-three hours, we take our time without any stress. The best results are obtained after the second or third session, but normally there is already a big leap after the first.

Of course, we sign acontract with a confidenciality clause; unless you allow it in writing, your photos will neither be published nor shown to others. You will get them on a CD or in a beautiful portfolio.

All your possibilities

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