Many women have already been pictured by me; here are some of the testimonials they have kindly given me:

(If you want a personal reference, please let me know by using the contact form)

  • This is a unique opportunity to reveal your femininity in the most exquisite and professional environment. Relax, be yourself, enjoy it!
    Amelia wrote in March 2013.
  • For all of you women at the best age, fulfilled mothers or official wives, exquisite or decadent, give yourself a trip into the intimacy of your femininity, under the lights of this man who will magnify your beauty. You will escape in his magnificent manor, full of refinement and serenity and thanks to his professionalism and his generosity this genius photographer will make you the most beautiful of women.
    Sandrine wrote in April 2012.
  • This session was intended as a present to my husband - in the end I have given myself one the most beautiful presents of my life! I finally saw myself and I immortalised my body at the dawn of my thirties ... A few photos can wipe out years of doubts, just like magic! You managed to magnify me, and now I fully own of my body and my charms. I had to discover myself on paper to accept it: yes! I am beautiful! Thank you Lennart for these discovery hours, for your expert eye and your respect!
    Sylvie wrote in January 2012.
  • Thank you for the book, it is really very beautiful. I came without really knowing what I wanted, I didn't know what to expect, unsure of myself and of my image. We started with simple things, with clothes, and after several changes of clothes I felt confident and I liked it. I would never have imagined finding myself naked behind my veil in front of a camera! Thank you again - I think I am getting reconciled with my body!
    Anouk wrote in December 2011.
  • I don't know how to thank you for opening my eyes. Thanks to you I am a real woman who dares to be seen. To me you are a magician, behind your lens you capture the soul of the woman. I recommend to all women who find it difficult to accept their image, to spend some lovely moments with you and your camera, and they will be transformed! I feel different and happy to have overcome my fears. I now have only one desire: to do it again and even to be a model.
    Séverine wrote in December 2011.
  • Two men around me, one who loves me and the other who shoots our love, is it really reasonable? Above all it's splendid on paper ... tears in my eyes when watching these pictures of myself ... Am I really that tender, desirable woman? And he, is he really that loving, smiling man? In any case, Lennart is the photographer who made it all come true. Thank you!
    Corinne wrote in December 2011.
  • I would like to thank you for last Friday's photo session. I thank you for your patience and your encouragement. I am not a model and it wasn't simple. You were able to make me relax and be patient with the beginner that I am.
    Danielle wrote in December 2011.
  • Vielen vielen Dank für die Foto-CD und das tolle Fotobuch! Ich bin wirklich begeistert! Hast du so toll fertig gemacht! Die Fotos sind unglaublich schön geworden! Ist ein wunderbares Geschenk!
    (A big thank you for the CD and the great photo-book! I am really thrilled! You made it great! The photos are incredibly beautiful! It's a wonderful present!)
    Isabel wrote in November 2011.
  • With a little nervousness, I showed the photos to my husband - he was really enthusiastic...The brightness, luminosity and delicacy that you bring to your photos take away our doubts and let our natural charm express itself. A big thank you for your talent!
    It makes me think of a quote I love: Beauty is an unquenchable source of joy for those who are able to discover it (Alexis Carrel)
    Isabelle wrote to me in March 2011.
  • Your discreet but curious lens lets the body express itself very freely, and your photographer’s eye makes it sublime. This site is just a small glimpse of your talent, your work, your modern eye and your passion for femininity.
    Bénédicte wrote to me in November 2009.
  • Thank you for your photos. Through your lens I discovered a woman I hardly knew, your photographer’s eye was able to see me like nobody before; looking at my photos I found myself different, beautiful, like a double that tells me: you exist and you are good.
    It was worth waiting 52 years to finally see myself!
    Rosine wrote to me in August 2009.
  • First I thank you, a big thank you for this photo afternoon! In fact it was very easy...if I had to do it again I would do it without hesitation, the setting is really very nice!!! This way I shall have a memory of myself at 40, especially as I have always avoided cameras ... and leave a beautiful memory of a mother for her son...
    I have received my photos and I thank you very much, the album is of very good quality, a big thank you for the CD, the black&white photos really come out very well ... Thank you once again for the beautiful work you do. I wish you great success!
    Frédérique wrote to me in 2009.
  • Apart from a little stress in the beginning, I might say that everything will disappear from the moment the photographer shows you the results. Your lips will betray you by a smile of satisfaction...that you really look good in those pictures...and that creates deep inside you a hunger to do more and more. I have learned that the more creative you are… the more natural the pictures get. So my advice to the newcomers is to feel free to express themselves in front of the camera, and trust Lennart, because he is the best!
    Cristina wrote to me in 2009.
  • This is really me and gives me great satisfaction. I must say that your photos are all very beautiful … Thank you for selecting me!
    Bellinda wrote to me in 2008.
  • I felt completely at ease with you, and I didn’t hesitate to recommend you to my daughter! I re-discovered myself as a woman through your photos, especially two of them of which I am proud.
    Catherine wrote to me in 2008.
  • Thank you again for these photos, they are very good! … I would like to do this again someday, if you agree … now that I see what succeeds and what not.
    Jessica wrote to me in 2008.