Who Am I?

“A Man in Love with Beauty and Life”

I grew up and live in Geneva, I am a Swiss and Swedish citizen. After thirty years as a managing director in the field of international communication, I have decided to devote myself entirely to my artistic side. I have always been fond of beautiful photography, especially artistic nudes. My first lab was in a friend’s bathroom. After landscapes and portraits, I have for the last ten years concentrated on femininity – is there anything more beautiful than a woman?

My task is to bring out every woman’s – sometimes hidden – sensuality, whatever her age and shape. Femininity doesn’t stop at thirty!

Mostly I prefer black-and-white prints, and I guess you do, too? Nevertheless, sometimes the red of a dress, or the hue of a skin, will convince me to print in colour. The important thing is to reflect a particular personality and atmosphere.

My studio is in an 17th century manor house in Chaumont, a small French village near Geneva. It is an ideal setting for beautiful pictures. I work with leading-edge professional equipment. My wife Faty supports my passion and sometimes helps as a stylist.

In 2010 I was selected by the Veyrier Arts Committee (Geneva) and in 2011 by Cologny (Geneva) to hold my exhibition “Hommage à la Féminité* in their galleries. Then the gallery “Grenier sur Cour” invited me to display my works, and lastly I held an exhbition in Lippstadt (Germany). I received lots of praise, and sold a good number of pictures and books. This encouraged me to continue this adventure, and I am already preparing my next works and exhibitions…

Lennart Goldmann